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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 4, ARTICLE 66
§ 3307. Graduation. In order to facilitate the on-time graduation of
children of military families, states and local educational agencies
shall incorporate the following procedures:

1. Local educational agency administrative officials shall waive
specific courses required for graduation if similar coursework has been
satisfactorily completed in another local educational agency or shall
provide reasonable justification for denial. Should a waiver not be
granted to a student who would qualify to graduate from the sending
school, the local educational agency shall provide an alternative means
of acquiring required coursework so that graduation may occur on time.

2. States shall accept (a) exit or end-of-course exams required for
graduation from the sending state, (b) national norm referenced
achievement tests or (c) alternative testing, in lieu of testing
requirements for graduation in the receiving state. In the event the
above alternatives cannot be accommodated by the receiving state for a
student transferring in his or her senior year, then the provisions of
subdivision three of this section shall apply.

3. Should a military student transferring at the beginning or during
his or her senior year be ineligible to graduate from the receiving
local educational agency after all alternatives have been considered,
the sending and receiving local educational agencies shall ensure the
receipt of a diploma from the sending local educational agency, if the
student meets the graduation requirements of the sending local
educational agency. In the event that one of the states in question is
not a member of this compact, the member state shall use best efforts to
facilitate the on-time graduation of the student in accordance with
subdivisions one and two of this section.