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State coordination
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 4, ARTICLE 66
§ 3308. State coordination. 1. Each member state shall, through the
creation of a state council or use of an existing body or board, provide
for the coordination among its agencies of government, local educational
agencies and military installations concerning the state's participation
in, and compliance with, this compact and interstate commission
activities. In New York, the state council shall include the
commissioner or his or her designee, the commissioner of the New York
state department of veterans' services or his or her designee, the
adjutant general of the state of New York or his or her designee, a
superintendent of a school district with a high concentration of
military children appointed by the commissioner, a district
superintendent of schools of a board of cooperative educational services
serving an area with a high concentration of military children appointed
by the commissioner, a representative from a military installation
appointed by the governor, a representative of military families
appointed by the governor, a public member appointed by the governor and
one representative each appointed by the speaker of the assembly, the
temporary president of the senate and the governor.

2. The state council of each member state shall appoint or designate a
military family education liaison to assist military families and the
state in facilitating the implementation of this compact.

3. The compact commissioner responsible for the administration and
management of the state's participation in the compact shall be
appointed by the governor or as otherwise determined by each member

4. The compact commissioner and the military family education liaison
designated herein shall be ex-officio members of the state council,
unless either is already a full voting member of the state council.