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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Conveyance of property to public corporations
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1, ARTICLE 9
§ 405. Conveyance of property to public corporations. In addition to
any other power conferred or possessed by virtue of any provisions of
this chapter, the board of education, trustee or trustees of any school
district may convey any school site or lot and the buildings thereon and
appurtenances or any part thereof, provided that title to any such
school property is in such board, trustee or trustees, and when no
longer needed, either without consideration or for such consideration
and upon terms and conditions as such board, trustee or trustees may
determine to a public corporation, as defined in the general
construction law, provided that such real property is to be used by such
corporation for the purposes of the corporation or for a public use. In
any school district, except a city school district in a city having a
population of one hundred twenty-five thousand inhabitants or more, such
sale and conveyance shall be submitted to the voters of the district for
approval at an annual or special district meeting in the same manner as
is now provided by law for the submission of propositions. A board of
cooperative educational services or a board of education, without
approval of the voters of the school district and upon such
consideration as the board may determine, may convey an easement or
right of way over school property for public utility services to any
municipality, municipal district, authority or public utility. In any
city of over one hundred twenty-five thousand population any sale or
conveyance shall be subject to approval by the local governing body of
such city.