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This entry was published on 2021-01-01
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School Buildings and Sites
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1

Section 401. Sites; designation and change.

402. Sale of former schoolhouse or site.

402-a. Procedures for closing a school building.

403. Application of proceeds of sale.

403-a. Leasing of school property.

403-b. Leasing of school buildings and facilities.

404. Acquisition of real property.

405. Conveyance of property to public corporations.

406. Vesting of title of lands in certain cases.

407. Application to certain districts.

407-a. Authorization for dormitory authority financing of

capital facilities for special act school districts.

407-b. Authorization for dormitory authority financing of

capital facilities for state-supported schools for

blind and deaf students.

408. Plans and specifications of school buildings must be

approved by commissioner of education.

408-a. Plans and specifications for construction of new school


408-b. Submitting plans and specifications of school buildings

with local fire and law enforcement officials.

409. School building regulations in relation to health and


409-a. Eye safety devices for certain students and teachers.

409-b. Use of mercury vapor or metal halide lamps within school


409-c. Athletic safety equipment.

409-d. Comprehensive public school building safety program.

409-e. Uniform code of public school buildings inspection,

safety rating and monitoring.

409-f. Electrically operated partition and door safety.

409-g. Purchase and use of paradichlorobenzene deodorizers.

409-h. Requirements for notification of pesticide applications.

409-i. Procurement and use of environmentally-sensitive cleaning

and maintenance products.

409-j. Emergency alert notification system in public schools;

cities with a population of one million or more.

409-k. Pesticide alternatives.

409-l. Posting child abuse hotline telephone number.

409-m. Gender neutral single-occupancy bathroom facilities.

410. Officials not to be interested in sales, leases or


412. Condemnation of schoolhouse and erection of new

schoolhouse in place thereof.

413. Use of school buildings for examinations.

414. Use of schoolhouse and grounds.

415. No schoolhouse shall be built on town line.

416. School taxes and school bonds.

417. Allocation of moneys by regents for extraordinary relief

to school districts.

418. Purchase and display of flag.

419. Display of flags in assembly rooms.

419-a. Display of flags in classrooms.

420. Rules and regulations.