1. The Laws of New York
  2. Consolidated Laws
  3. Education
  4. Title 1: General Provisions
  5. Article 14: New York State Higher Education Services Corporation Part I Corporate Structure
  6. Part 2: Student Financial Aid
  7. Sub_part 2: General Awards

Section 668-F American Airlines flight 587 memorial scholarships

Education (EDN)

1. Eligible groups. Notwithstanding subdivisions three and five of section six hundred sixty-one of this part, children, spouses, and financial dependents of persons who died as a direct result of the crash of American Airlines flight 587, in Rockaway, Queens, on November twelfth, two thousand one, shall be eligible to receive a memorial scholarship.

  2. Amount. The president shall grant annual scholarships in amounts determined in accordance with subdivision two of section six hundred sixty-eight-d of this subpart.

  3. Duration. Awards under this section shall be payable for each of not more than four academic years of undergraduate study or five academic years if a program normally requires five years, as defined by the commissioner pursuant to article thirteen of this title.