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General Awards
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1, ARTICLE 14, PART 2

Section 666. Tuition awards for part-time undergraduate students.

667. Tuition assistance program awards.

667-a. Supplemental tuition assistance program.

667-c. Part-time tuition assistance program awards.

667-c-1. New York state part-time scholarship (PTS) award


667-d. Enhanced tuition awards.

668. Regents awards for children of deceased and disabled


668-a. Regents awards for children of deceased police

officers, peace officers, firefighters and volunteer


668-b. Memorial scholarships for children, spouses and

financial dependents of deceased firefighters,

volunteer firefighters, police officers, peace

officers, and emergency medical service workers.

668-c. Awards for Vietnam veterans' children born with Spina

Bifida enrolled in approved undergraduate or graduate

programs at degree granting institutions.

668-d. World trade center memorial scholarships.

668-e. Military enhanced recognition, incentive and tribute

("MERIT") scholarships.

668-f. American Airlines flight 587 memorial scholarships.

668-g. Continental Airlines flight 3407 memorial scholarships.

669. Regents awards for children of deceased state

correction officers and state civilian employees of a

correction facility.

669-a. Veterans tuition awards program.

669-b. Recruitment incentive and retention program for members

of the New York state organized militia.

669-d. New York state math and science teaching incentive


669-e. New York state science, technology, engineering and

mathematics incentive program.

669-f. New York state masters-in-education teacher incentive

scholarship program.

669-g. The New York state achievement and investment in merit

scholarship (NY-AIMS).

669-h. Excelsior scholarship.