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Comprehensive school health education demonstration program
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1, ARTICLE 17
§ 804-a. Comprehensive school health education demonstration program.
1. Within the amounts appropriated, the commissioner is hereby
authorized to establish a demonstration program and to distribute state
funds to local school districts, boards of cooperative educational
services and in certain instances community school districts, for the
development, implementation, evaluation, validation, demonstration and
replication of exemplary comprehensive health education programs to
assist the public schools in developing curricula, training staff, and
addressing local health education needs of students, parents, and staff.

2. School districts or BOCES may contract with appropriate agencies or
organizations to participate in such program. Such program shall be
limited to health education at the elementary level and shall be
designed on a multi-year basis. Such program shall include but not be
limited to the following components:

a. Developer grants for comprehensive school health education

(i) Such grants shall include the development, implementation, and
evaluation of a comprehensive health education program including such
activities as:

(A) coordination of health instruction with other available programs
in the school and the community related to health education;

(B) provision of inservice training and materials for elementary level
school teachers in comprehensive health education;

(C) development and implementation of evaluation procedures to measure
students' knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes prior to and after
project implementation; and

(D) development and implementation of a mechanism for project
maintenance and long-range programming.

(ii) Upon successful completion of the above activities and the
availability of funds, such grant recipients will assist other local
educational agencies with replication.

b. Health education regional training centers. Regional training
centers for the purpose of developing materials and providing training
programs to meet the needs of teachers statewide in the implementation
of comprehensive school health education programs at the elementary
level will be established.

c. Statewide advocacy for comprehensive health education. Development
and implementation of a statewide advocacy program to create an
awareness on the part of school administrators of the need to develop
strategies for implementing comprehensive school health education
programs at the elementary level.

d. Replication of validated health education programs. Grants will be
awarded to local school districts or boards of cooperative educational
services for the replication of nationally or state-validated exemplary
health education programs.