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Instruction In Certain Subjects
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1

Section 801. Courses of instruction in patriotism and citizenship and

in certain historic documents.

801-a. Instruction in civility, citizenship and character


802. Instruction relating to the flag; holidays.

802-a. Instruction relating to general elections.

803. Instruction in physical education and kindred subjects.

803-a. Courses of study in prevention of child abduction.

803-b. Courses of study in prevention of child sexual

exploitation and child sexual abuse.

804. Health education regarding mental health, alcohol, drugs,

tobacco abuse and the prevention and detection of

certain cancers.

804-a. Comprehensive school health education demonstration


804-b. Education regarding child development.

804-c. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation instruction.

804-d. Automated external defibrillator instruction.

806. Courses of instruction in highway safety and traffic

regulation; school safety patrols.

806-a. Driver education.

807. Fire and emergency drills.

807-a. Fire inspections.

807-b. College fire inspections.

807-c. Transmission of fire alarm to fire department.

807-d. Locating source of fires in schools.

808. Instruction in fire and arson prevention.

809. Instruction in the humane treatment of animals.

809-a. Instruction in the safe use of firearms and in the game


810. Conservation day.

811. Procurement, use and possession of hypodermic syringes

and needles by school personnel for educational


812. Health training program for secondary school students.

813. School lunch period; scheduling.

814. Courses of study in internet safety.

815. State seal of biliteracy.

816. Local library and school partnerships.

817. Expanding access to advanced courses to improve

educational equity.

817*2. Student government.

818. Evidence-based and scientifically based reading