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Conservation day
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1, ARTICLE 17
§ 810. Conservation day. 1. The last Friday in April each year is
hereby made and declared to be known as Conservation day, and observed
in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, except that for the
year nineteen hundred seventy-eight, Conservation day shall be May

2. It shall be the duty of the authorities of every public school in
this state to assemble the pupils in their charge on that day in the
school building, or elsewhere, as they may deem proper, and to provide
for and conduct (1) such exercises as shall tend to encourage the
planting, protection and preservation of trees and shrubs, and an
acquaintance with the best methods to be adopted to accomplish such
results, and (2) such lectures, pictures or tours, as shall tend to
increase the interest and knowledge of such pupils in the fish and wild
life, soil and water of the state.

3. The commissioner of education may prescribe from time to time a
course of exercises and instruction in the subjects hereinbefore
mentioned, which shall be adopted and observed by the public school
authorities on Conservation day. Upon receipt of copies of such course
sufficient in number to supply all the schools under their supervision,
the school authorities aforesaid shall promptly provide each of the
schools under their charge with a copy, and cause it to be observed.