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This entry was published on 2023-05-12
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Medical and Health Service
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1

Section 901. School health services to be provided.

902. Employment of health professionals.

902-a. Treatment of students diagnosed with diabetes by school


902-b. Treatment by licensed school personnel of students

diagnosed with allergies.

903. Students to furnish health certificates; and dental

health certificates.

904. Examinations by health appraisal.

905. Record of screening examinations for vision, hearing and


906. Existence of communicable diseases; return after illness.

907. Use of sunscreen.

908. Prohibition against meal shaming.

909. School hygiene districts.

910. Choice of method of treatment.

911. Enforcement.

912. Health and welfare services to all children.

912-a. Urine analysis; drug detection.

912-b. Speech and language improvement services.

913. Medical examinations of teachers and other employees.

914. Immunization of children.

915. Prohibiting the sale of certain sweetened foods.

916. Pupils with asthma or another respiratory disease

requiring rescue inhaler treatment.

916-a. Pupils with allergies.

916-b. Pupils with diabetes.

917. On-site cardiac automated external defibrillator.

918. School district nutrition advisory committees.

919. On-site nebulizers.

920. Public schools; infestation of bedbugs (Cimex


921. Training of unlicensed school personnel to administer

certain medications.

921-a. On-site epinephrine auto-injector.

922. Opioid overdose prevention.

923. Sudden cardiac arrest.

924. Ingredient and nutritional information requirements.

925. Community eligibility provision state subsidy.