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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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On-site cardiac automated external defibrillator
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1, ARTICLE 19
§ 917. On-site cardiac automated external defibrillator. 1. School
districts, boards of cooperative educational services, county vocational
education and extension boards and charter schools shall provide and
maintain on-site in each instructional school facility automated
external defibrillator (AED) equipment, as defined in paragraph (a) of
subdivision one of section three thousand-b of the public health law, in
quantities and types deemed by the commissioner in consultation with the
commissioner of health to be adequate to ensure ready and appropriate
access for use during emergencies.

2. Whenever public school facilities pursuant to subdivision one of
this section are used for school sponsored or school approved curricular
or extracurricular events or activities and whenever a school-sponsored
athletic contest is held at any location, the public school officials
and administrators responsible for such school facility or athletic
contest shall ensure the presence of at least one staff person who is
trained, pursuant to paragraph (a) of subdivision three of section three
thousand-b of the public health law, in the operation and use of an AED.
Where a school-sponsored competitive athletic event is held at a site
other than a public school facility, the public school officials shall
assure that automated external defibrillator equipment is provided

3. Public school facilities and staff pursuant to subdivisions one and
two of this section shall be deemed a "public access defibrillation
provider" as defined in paragraph (c) of subdivision one of section
three thousand-b of the public health law and shall be subject to the
requirements and limitations of such section.

4. Pursuant to section three thousand-a and three thousand-b of the
public health law, any public access defibrillation provider, or any
employee or other agent of the provider who, in accordance with the
provisions of this section, voluntarily and without expectation of
monetary compensation renders emergency medical or first aid treatment
using an AED which has been made available pursuant to this section, to
a person who is unconscious, ill or injured, shall be liable only
pursuant to section three thousand-a of the public health law.