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School district nutrition advisory committees
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1, ARTICLE 19
§ 918. School district nutrition advisory committees. 1. a. Every
school district is hereby authorized and encouraged to establish a child
nutrition advisory committee.

b. The district advisory committee is encouraged to meet at least

c. The committee is encouraged to include, but not be limited to, a
representative of the school board, the food preparation staff, the
physical education departments, the school nurse or health staff, a
registered dietitian, if available, the faculty of the district, the
parent teacher associations in the district, the students enrolled in
the district, and the parents or guardians of students enrolled in the

d. If, due to special circumstances of a district, it is impossible or
impracticable for all groups recommended to have members on the
committee to be represented, the district may approve a committee that,
to the greatest extent possible, represents the interests of the
aforementioned groups.

2. The district is encouraged to give, in such newsletter, if any,
that precedes the commencement of school in the fall, written notice to
all parents or guardians of enrolled students of the existence of a
school district nutrition advisory committee and supply information as
to how such interested parents or guardians may participate on such

3. The district is encouraged, to the extent practicable, to give
notice to all parents or guardians and students through its regular
newsletters or other regular forms of written communication as to the
scheduled dates of all meetings of the advisory committee.

4. The committee is encouraged to study and make recommendations on
all facets of the current nutritional policies of the district
including, but not limited to, the goals of the district to promote
wellness and proper nutrition, vending machine sales; menu criteria;
educational curriculum teaching healthy nutrition; promote the
achievement and maintenance of healthy weight; educational information
provided to parents or guardians regarding healthy nutrition and the
health risks associated with obesity, asthma, chronic bronchitis and
other chronic respiratory disease; opportunities offered to parents or
guardians on how to encourage healthier eating habits to students; and
the education provided to teachers and other staff as to the importance
of healthy nutrition and the health risks associated with a student's
weight. In addition the committee shall consider recommendations and
practices of other districts and nutrition studies.

5. The committee is encouraged to report periodically to the district
regarding practices that will educate teachers, parents or guardians and
children about healthy nutrition and raise awareness of the dangers of
obesity, asthma, chronic bronchitis and other chronic respiratory
diseases. The committee is encouraged also to provide any parent teacher
associations in the district with such findings and recommendations.

6. Each June, the committee shall report to the board of the local
school district regarding the status of the implementation of the
district's programs to improve students' nutritional awareness and
healthy diet.