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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Use of sunscreen
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 1, ARTICLE 19
§ 907. Use of sunscreen. The board of education or trustees of each
school district and board of cooperative educational services, and the
governing body of each private elementary, middle and secondary school,
shall allow students to carry and use topical sunscreen products
approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration for
over-the-counter use for the purpose of avoiding overexposure to the sun
and not for medical treatment of an injury or illness, with the written
permission of the parent or guardian of the student. A record of such
permission shall be maintained by the school. A student who is unable to
physically apply sunscreen may be assisted by unlicensed personnel when
directed to do so by the student, if permitted by a parent or guardian
and authorized by the school.