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Cornell University
Education (EDN) CHAPTER 16, TITLE 7

Cornell University
Section 5701. Cornell university continued.

5702. Objects and powers of the corporation.

5703. Trustees.

5704. Trustees shall make reports; university subject to

visitation of regents; services for state agencies.

5705. Extent to which property may be held.

5706. Restrictions on alienation of property.

5707. Extent of farm and grounds.

5708. Powers to police grounds and regulate traffic thereon.

5709. Special deputy sheriffs; powers and duties.

5711. New York state college of veterinary medicine.

5712. New York state college of agriculture and life sciences.

5713. New York state agricultural experiment station.

5714. New York state college of human ecology.

5715. New York state school of industrial and labor relations.

5716. Acquisition by the state of land and interests in land of

Cornell university upon which buildings have heretofore

or may hereafter be erected by the state.