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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Advisory committee
§ 210. Advisory committee. 1. There shall be within the office an
advisory committee for the aging, consisting of not more than
thirty-five members, appointed by the governor. In making such
appointments, the governor shall give due consideration to
representation from the major regions of the state. One member of the
advisory committee shall be designated as chairperson by the governor
and shall serve as chairperson at the pleasure of the governor. The
advisory committee shall meet from time to time at the call of such
chairperson or the director. The director shall seek the advice of the
advisory committee with respect to the needs of the aging and, if so
requested by the director, such committee shall make particular studies
relating to the aging.

2. The members of the advisory committee shall serve without salary,
but each member shall be entitled to reimbursement for his or her actual
and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of his or her
official duties.

3. All members of the advisory committee shall be appointed for terms
of three years provided, however, that of the members first appointed,
one-third shall be appointed for one-year terms, and one-third shall be
appointed for two-year terms. Any member chosen to fill a vacancy
created otherwise than by expiration of term shall be appointed for the
unexpired term of the member he or she is to succeed.

4. Sixty percent of the members of the advisory committee appointed on
and after the effective date of this subdivision shall be sixty years of
age or over.