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This entry was published on 2018-10-05
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Informal caregivers in the workplace program
§ 224. Informal caregivers in the workplace program. 1. The office
shall, in conjunction with the department of labor, and in consultation
with community based organizations representing the interests of
informal caregivers around the state, develop and update on a yearly
basis a guide for businesses in the state that contains current best
practices for retaining employees who are also informal caregivers and
information for supporting such employees so they can achieve
effectiveness both in and out of the workplace.

2. Such guide shall be available on the websites of the office, the
department of labor and the department of state. Businesses that obtain
certification or licensure from the department of labor or department of
state shall be provided with a link to the guide provided for in
subdivision one of this section, or a paper copy upon request, when the
business applies for such certification or licensure. A nominal fee may
be charged for paper copies provided to individuals who are not business