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This entry was published on 2021-07-09
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Elder abuse enhanced multidisciplinary team program
§ 225. Elder abuse enhanced multidisciplinary team program. 1. The
office is hereby authorized, subject to appropriation of funds for the
program, to establish an elder abuse enhanced multidisciplinary team
program consisting of teams at the regional or county level for complex
cases of elder abuse, including but not limited to financial
exploitation, physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse, and
neglect, involving a victim sixty years of age or older.

2. Such elder abuse enhanced multidisciplinary teams shall consist of
representation by professionals generally authorized to make decisions
on behalf of their agency from public, private, and voluntary agencies.
Represented professions may include, but are not limited to,
health/medical, mental health, aging, protective services, human
services, social work, banking/financial institutions, legal services,
district attorney's offices, law enforcement agencies, and forensic

3. Teams will also consist of a coordinator who will provide case
consultation, triage cases, facilitate elder abuse enhanced
multidisciplinary team meetings, monitor progress, and facilitate
coordination and cooperative action in the provision of appropriate
services to an individual identified as being a victim of elder abuse,
as well as other duties associated with the role.

4. Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, members
of an elder abuse enhanced multidisciplinary team may share with other
team members client-identifiable information concerning victims of elder
abuse as appropriate to facilitate team activities.