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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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SECTION 15-116
Inspectors of election
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 15
§ 15-116. Inspectors of election. 1. The board of trustees shall, by
resolution at least forty days prior to a general village election
appoint two or four inspectors of election for each village election
district. Such resolution shall fix the compensation of the inspectors
and designate a chairman. In addition, the board of trustees may provide
for alternative inspectors who shall assume the office of inspector upon
the inability or refusal of an inspector to assume or perform his duties
and for any clerical help which they may deem necessary. Such clerical
help shall perform their duties under direction and control of the
inspectors of election. It shall be the duty of the inspectors of
election to preside at all village elections in the district for which
they were appointed until their successors are appointed. If at any
general village election, both major political parties nominate a
candidate or candidates for elective village office then at the next
village election following the election for which the nominations are
made the inspectors of election shall be appointed equally from enrolled
members of such parties. Such equal representation shall be required
only as long as such parties nominate a candidate or candidates for
elective village office. In those elections in which both such political
parties do not nominate candidates, any qualified person may serve as an
inspector of election.

2. In Nassau county, appointments as inspectors of election for
village elections shall be equally divided between the major political
parties. All such inspectors shall be residents of the village in which
they serve. Such inspectors shall be appointed from among those persons
appointed as inspectors pursuant to the provisions of section 3-420 of
this chapter. If the number of inspectors appointed pursuant to such
section 3-420 who are eligible and willing to serve in any village is
insufficient to fill all the positions in such village, then additional
inspectors shall be appointed in the manner so prescribed by such
section 3-420.

3. Inspectors of election for village elections shall prior to the
assumption of their duties file a constitutional oath of office with the
village clerk.

4. If the board of trustees of any village appoints four inspectors of
election for each village election district, they may also determine
that two of the four inspectors of election shall serve on registration
day or days.