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This entry was published on 2023-09-22
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Village Elections
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17

Section 15-100. Application of article.

15-102. Definitions.

15-104. General village election.

15-106. Special village elections for officers.

15-108. Designation and nomination of candidates.

15-110. Election districts.

15-112. Registers and poll-books; how used.

15-114. Number of voting machines.

15-116. Inspectors of election.

15-118. Registration of voters.

15-119. Early mail voting at village elections.

15-120. Absentee voting at village elections.

15-122. Absentee voting at village elections for persons unable

to appear because of illness or physical disability.

15-124. Duties of village clerk.

15-126. Canvass of election.

15-128. Notice to person chosen to a village office.

15-130. Election of trustees by wards.

15-132. Votes upon propositions to be by ballot or voting


15-134. Failure to designate terms.

15-136. Refusal of officer to surrender his office.

15-138. Judicial review of matters relating to village