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SECTION 15-124
Duties of village clerk
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 15
§ 15-124. Duties of village clerk. 1. In addition to any duties of the
village clerk specified in this chapter and the village law, the village
clerk shall be the election officer of the village and shall have the
responsibility for the general conduct of all village elections and
shall have vested in him all authority, consistent with this chapter
which may be reasonable and necessary to provide for the proper and
orderly conduct of such elections and the proceedings preliminary and
subsequent thereto.

2. The police department and the officers and members of such police
department, if any, the office of the sheriff in a county in which a
village or part of a village is located or any police agency or
department charged with the responsibility of law enforcement in any
county in which a village or part of a village is located shall,
whenever called upon by the village clerk, render to such village clerk
all practicable assistance in the enforcement of this chapter. Such
assistance shall be rendered to the village clerk at no charge to the
village. Such assistance shall include, but not be limited to:

a. the police telephone service;

b. the investigation of any registrant or any applicant for an early
mail or absentee ballot to determine his or her qualifications to be
registered or vote, and

c. the maintenance of order, regulation of traffic and the control of
crowds on any day or days designated for voter registration and voting.