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SECTION 17-130
Misdemeanor in relation to elections
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 17, TITLE 1
§ 17-130. Misdemeanor in relation to elections. Any person who:

1. Acts as an inspector of election or as a clerk at an election,
without being able to read or write the English language, or without
being otherwise qualified to hold such office; or,

2. Being an inspector of election, knowingly and wilfully permits or
suffers any person to vote who is not entitled to vote thereat; or,

3. Wilfully and unlawfully obstructs, hinders or delays, or aids or
assists in obstructing or delaying any elector on his way to a
registration or polling place, or while he is attempting to register or
vote; or,

4. Electioneers on election day or on days of registration within one
hundred feet, as defined herein, from a polling place. Said prohibition
shall not apply to a building or room that has been maintained for
political purposes at least six months prior to said election or
registration days, except that no political displays, placards or
posters shall be exhibited therefrom. For the purposes of this section,
the one hundred feet distance shall be deemed to include a one hundred
foot radial measured from the entrances, designated by the inspectors of
elections, to a building where the election or registration is being

5. Removes any official ballot from a polling place before the closing
of the polls; or,

6. Unlawfully goes within the guard-rail of any polling place or
unlawfully remains within such guard-rail after having been commanded to
remove therefrom by any inspector of election; or,

7. Enters a voting booth with any voter or remains in a voting booth
while it is occupied by any voter, or opens the door of a voting booth
when the same is occupied by a voter, with the intent to watch such a
voter while engaged in the preparation of his ballot, except as
authorized by this chapter; or,

8. Being or claiming to be a voter, permits any other person to be in
a voting booth with him while engaged in the preparation of his ballot,
except as authorized by this chapter, without openly protesting against
and asking that such person be ejected; or,

9. Having lawfully entered a voting booth with a voter, requests,
persuades or induces such voter to vote any particular ballot or for any
particular candidate, or makes or keeps any memorandum of anything
occurring within the booth, or directly or indirectly, reveals to
another the name of any candidate voted for by such voter; or,

10. Shows his ballot after it is prepared for voting, to any person so
as to reveal the contents, or solicits a voter to show the same; or,

11. Places any mark upon his ballot, or does any other act in
connection with his ballot with the intent that it may be identified as
the one voted by him; or,

12. Places any mark upon, or does any other act in connection with a
ballot or paster ballot, with the intent that it may afterwards be
identified as having been voted by any particular person; or,

13. Receives an official ballot from any person other than one of the
clerks or inspectors having charge of the ballots; or,

14. Not being an inspector of election or clerk, delivers an official
ballot to a voter; or,

15. Not being an inspector of election, receives from any voter a
ballot prepared for voting; or,

16. Fails to return to the inspectors of election, before leaving the
polling place or going outside the guard-rail, each ballot not voted by
him; or,

17. Wilfully defaces, injures, mutilates, destroys or secretes any
voting maching which belongs to any municipality or board of elections
for use at elections, and any person who commits or attempts to commit a
fraud in the use of any such voting machine during election; or,

18. Not being lawfully authorized, makes or has in his possession a
key to a voting machine which has been adopted and will be used in
elections; or,

19. Not being an inspector or clerk of election, handles a voted or
unvoted ballot or stub thereof, during the canvass of votes at an
election; or,

20. Intentionally opens a voter's ballot envelope or examines the
contents thereof after the receipt of the envelope by the board of
elections and before the close of the polls at the election except as
provided in section 9-209 of this chapter; or,

21. Willfully disobeys any lawful command of the board of inspectors,
or any member thereof; or,

22. Induces or attempts to induce any poll clerk, election inspector,
election coordinator, or officer, clerk or employee of the board of
elections discharging any duty or performing any act required or made
necessary by the election law, to do any act in violation of his duty or
in violation of the election law; or,

23. Not having been appointed or named an inspector of elections or
clerk and not having taken the oath for such office shall wear or
display any button, badge or emblem identifying or purporting to
identify such person as an inspector of election or clerk, is guilty of
a misdemeanor.