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This entry was published on 2022-06-24
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Violations of the Elective Franchise
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 17

Section 17-100. Definitions.

17-102. Misdemeanors at, or in connection with, primary

elections, caucuses, enrollment in political parties,

committees, and conventions.

17-104. False registration.

17-106. Misconduct of election officers.

17-108. False affidavits; mutilation, destruction or loss of

registry list or affidavits.

17-110. Misdemeanors concerning police commissioners or officers

or members of any police force.

17-112. Soliciting media support.

17-114. Failure to furnish information; false information.

17-116. Removal, mutilation or destruction of election booths,

supplies, poll-lists or cards of instruction.

17-118. Refusal to permit employees to attend election.

17-120. Misconduct in relation to certificate of nomination and

official ballot.

17-122. Misconduct in relation to petitions.

17-124. Failure to deliver official ballots.

17-126. Misconduct of election officers.

17-128. Violations of election law by public officer or


17-130. Misdemeanor in relation to elections.

17-132. Illegal voting.

17-134. Unlawful use of pasters.

17-136. False returns; unlawful acts respecting returns.

17-140. Furnishing money or entertainment to induce attendance

at polls.

17-142. Giving consideration for franchise.

17-144. Receiving consideration for franchise.

17-146. Offender a competent witness; witnesses' immunity.

17-148. Bribery or intimidation of elector in military service

of the United States.

17-150. Duress and intimidation of voters.

17-152. Conspiracy to promote or prevent election.

17-154. Pernicious political activities.

17-156. Political assessments.

17-160. Procuring fraudulent documents in order to vote.

17-162. Judicial candidates not to contribute.

17-164. Political contributions by owners of polling places


17-166. Penalty.

17-168. Crimes against the elective franchise not otherwise

provided for.

17-170. Destroying or delaying election returns.