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This entry was published on 2022-07-01
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National party conventions; delegates, election
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 2
§ 2-122. National party conventions; delegates, election. Delegates
and alternates to a national convention of a party shall be elected from
congressional districts, or partly from the state at large and partly
from congressional districts, as the rules of the state committee may
provide. Such delegates and alternates from the state at large shall be
elected by the state committee or by a state convention of the party, as
the rules of the state committee shall prescribe. If the rules of a
national party provide for representation by gender among delegates
elected from districts, such district delegates shall be elected
separately by gender. District delegates and alternates to national
party conventions and delegates, and alternates, if any, to such a state
convention shall be elected at a primary. All delegates and alternates
to a national party convention shall be enrolled members of such party.
When any such rule provides for representation by gender, the
designating petitions and primary ballots shall list candidates for such
party positions separately by gender marker. In providing for such
representation, the party shall establish rules that provide for the
ability of individuals who do not exclusively identify as a binary
gender to serve as delegates and which respect individuals' gender