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Boards of elections; organization, proceedings, reports and records
§ 3-212. Boards of elections; organization, proceedings, reports and
records. 1. The election commissioners, at their first meeting after the
first day of January of each year, shall organize as a board, electing
one of their number as president, and one as secretary, and if there is
a deadlock, the members shall draw lots for such places. The president
and secretary shall not belong to the same party.

2. All actions of the board shall require a majority vote of the
commissioners prescribed by law for such board.

3. The records of the board, and all papers and books filed in its
office are public records. Minutes of all meetings shall show how each
commissioner voted upon any resolution or motion. The board shall keep a
record of its proceedings, of the number of voters registered and
enrolled with each party for that year in each political subdivision or
part thereof, data relating to the expenses connected with registration,
enrollments and elections within the county or city and such other
information relating to elections as this chapter or the state board of
elections may prescribe.

4. (a) Each board of elections shall make an annual report of its
affairs and proceedings to its local legislative body once every twelve
months and no later than the last day of January in any year. A copy of
said annual report shall be filed with the state board of elections.

(b) Said annual report, as required by paragraph (a) of this
subdivision, shall include a detailed description of existing programs
designed to enhance voter registration. Such report shall include a
voter registration action plan which details the various activities and
programs of each board, including a description of those steps which
shall be taken in the future to increase registration opportunities,
especially for those identifiable groups of persons historically
underrepresented on the rolls of registered voters; and coordinate voter
education programs with school districts, colleges and universities
within the board's jurisdiction including voter registration of
qualified applicants and instructional or extracurricular activities
promoting participation in the electoral process.

(1) Each voter registration action plan shall provide for the
designation by the board of a registration activities coordinator. Such
designee shall be responsible for initiating contact with each school
district, college and university within the area served by the board to
request that such school district, college and university designate an
administrative liaison who, together with the registration activities
coordinator, shall plan, prepare and implement voter education and
registration programs to enhance electoral participation. The state
board of elections shall promulgate rules and regulations providing
guidelines for county board of election assistance to school districts,
colleges and universities in the establishment of electoral
participation programs.

(2) Each voter registration action plan shall set forth existing
activities and planned programs designed to insure compliance with the
requirements of subdivision two of section 5-210 of this chapter
regarding the distribution of registration application forms.

(3) The state board of elections shall review the voter registration
action plan submitted by each board of elections and assist in the
development and implementation of local registration outreach services
and activities.

5. The board of elections of the city of New York, upon the
affirmative vote of six commissioners, may adopt rules authorizing a
number of commissioners less than the total membership of the board to
act on behalf of the board on matters required to be performed by boards
of election pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, provided that
such number shall be comprised of commissioners representing equally the
two political parties entitled to representation on the board.