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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Board of elections; general office and branches, hours
§ 3-214. Board of elections; general office and branches, hours. 1.
The board of elections in the city of New York shall maintain an office
in the borough of Manhattan, which shall be the headquarters of such
board, and an office in each borough of the city. Elsewhere, in each
county, the county legislative body shall provide the board of elections
for such county with proper and suitable offices.

2. Any board of elections may establish as many fixed branch offices
as it deems necessary.

3. Each office shall be open at least every business day during usual
business hours, except that each central board office shall be open for
the receipt of papers at least between the hours of nine A.M. and five
P.M. on the last day on which a paper may be filed with it and on such
other days and hours as may be required herein. In each of the two
calendar weeks before each general election, each office shall remain
open on at least two business days until at least seven P.M. and on
Saturdays from not later than nine A.M. until at least noon. In the city
of New York, each office shall also remain open on the Sunday before the
general election from not later than ten A.M. until at least one P.M.