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This entry was published on 2024-01-05
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Veterans' absentee registration
§ 5-215. Veterans' absentee registration. 1. The board of elections in
the county in which a veterans' hospital is located shall appoint a
board of registration which shall attend each veterans' hospital between
the hours of nine o'clock in the morning and five o'clock in the evening
on the seventh Thursday before each general election and, in the event
that it be necessary for the completion of its duties, on the seventh
Friday before such election except that if any of the religious holidays
of Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Simchas Torah, Shmini Atzereth or Succoth
shall fall on such days, such registration shall be held on the next
regular business day which does not fall on any of such religious
holidays, and shall receive from residents or patients therein, or their
spouses, parents and children, the applications of such of them as
desire and are qualified to be registered by absentee registration.

2. After the applicant completes and signs the application, or has it
signed for him, it shall be deposited by or for him in an envelope and
sealed. Before receiving the next application the board shall address
the envelope to the board of elections in the county where the applicant
resides and note upon a form provided for such purpose the date of the
application, the name and residence address of the applicant and the
name of the hospital at which the application was received.

3. At the end of each day each member of such board shall sign the
form containing the list of applicants with their names and addresses
and they shall, no later than the next day, return the list and the
sealed envelopes to the board of elections in the county where such
hospital is located.

4. The board of elections upon receipt of such applications shall
immediately mail those applications that are addressed to another board
of elections and shall process those applications addressed to it.

5. If a veterans health administration hospital in which any veteran
entitled to vote in this state is a resident or patient, is located
outside the State of New York, an application for an early mail or
absentee ballot signed by such veteran or his or her spouse, parent or
child accompanying or being with him or her, if a qualified voter and a
resident of the same election district, shall constitute permanent
personal registration.

6. All applications made and received pursuant to this section shall
be processed in the manner provided herein for personal registration by

7. The cost incurred by the county in which such veterans' hospital is
located, for the registration of voters as herein provided, may be
apportioned to the counties in which such voters reside in proportion to
the number of applicants for such registration residing in such

8. The board of elections shall not be required to send a board of
central registration to each veterans' hospital in such county, pursuant
to the provisions of this section, if, in lieu thereof, it shall provide
such hospital with mail registration application forms in sufficient
quantity so that each resident or patient of such hospital who wishes to
register will be able to do so. A complete application received from a
resident or patient whose residence is in a county other than the county
in which the hospital is located shall be immediately transmitted to the
appropriate board of elections.