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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Registration; assistance to applicant
§ 5-216. Registration; assistance to applicant. 1. If any person
entitled to be registered shall declare to the board of inspectors that
he is unable to read or write by reason of illiteracy or disability, the
board shall provide assistance in registering. Such person shall, if
unable to write, be excused from signing and the board shall enter the
words "unable to sign" in each space reserved for his signature. The
board shall also enter in the remarks space on the face of the
registration records the reason for his inability to write his name.

2. If the applicant be a person who does not speak the English
language, he may be assisted by a relative who can interpret for him. If
the applicant registers with this assistance the board shall put in the
remarks space of the registration forms the name and address, and the
relationship, of the person so doing the interpreting and the
interpreter shall sign his name in the remarks space.

3. If the registrant needs assistance with registration, he may also
have the same assistance in order to mark the enrollment blank.