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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Registration; challenges
§ 5-218. Registration; challenges. 1. Any person who applies for
registration may be challenged by any qualified voter, watcher, or
inspector of election if such person has reason to suspect that the
applicant is not qualified to be registered to vote.

2. When an applicant is challenged the person making the challenge
must first state the reason for the challenge and complete the
challenger's part of the challenge form. The board shall then administer
to such applicant the following oath: "You do solemnly swear (or affirm)
that you will give true answers to the questions which may be put to you
to establish your qualifications to register and vote". A member of such
board shall then read to the challenged person the questions printed
upon the form of the challenge affidavit which relate to the reason
given for the challenge, and such other questions on the form as in its
discretion it may deem appropriate, and shall enter in ink, opposite
each question, the answer thereto given by such applicant. After
answering, the applicant shall sign his name to such challenge
affidavit. The inspector or member of such board who writes the answers
shall enter in the place provided on the challenge affidavit,
information identifying the person challenged and the name and address
of the person challenging, and shall sign the certificate at the end
thereof. The other inspectors present shall also sign such certificate
at the end thereof.

3. The applicant shall be registered by the board if a majority of
such board shall be satisfied with the answers of the registrant. If not
satisfied, they shall notify him of the qualifications which they
believe he lacks as a voter, and shall furnish him a duplicate of the
challenge affidavit as completed. They shall also advise him of his
right to apply to the board of elections for registration.

4. When a person who has been challenged is registered, the board
shall enter in the remarks column the word "Challenged".

5. The state board of elections shall prescribe forms for challenge
affidavits for use pursuant hereto, which forms shall elicit such
information from the applicant as it deems appropriate.