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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Registration; challenge after registered
§ 5-220. Registration; challenge after registered. 1. Any person may
challenge the registration of a voter by executing and delivering to the
board of elections or a board taking registrations, his affidavit that
he has reason to believe that such voter's registration should be
cancelled. Such affidavit shall contain the affiant's full name,
residence, and business address, the name of his employer, the
registration serial number of the person challenged and a recital of the
reasons and the facts supporting affiant's belief that the person
challenged lacks the qualifications for voting prescribed in this
chapter and specified in such affidavit. The affidavit shall state if
the reasons for challenge are based upon the affiant's personal
knowledge, or upon information received from another person. If the
affiant's belief is based upon information furnished by another, the
affidavit shall recite the name of the person furnishing the information
and the basis for his information. After the affiant has signed such
affidavit a member of such board shall read to him and request him to
sign the following oath, which shall be subscribed by such affiant: "I
do solemnly swear (or affirm) that the foregoing statement made by me on
(insert day, month and year) is a truthful disclosure of the reasons for
my belief that the registered voter therein named is not qualified to
continue to be registered in the election district in which he is now
registered." If the affiant shall take and sign such oath, the members
of the board shall sign their names as witnesses below the affiant's
subscription to such oath. Each such affidavit shall be directed toward
the challenge of only one registrant. The board shall give full
assistance to any person desiring to execute such an affidavit. The
board of elections shall furnish the necessary forms. Upon receipt of
such affidavit the board of elections forthwith shall conduct an
investigation of the voter's qualifications to remain registered in the
same manner as provided for applications for personal registration by
mail. Any person whose registration is so challenged shall be notified
thereof by the board of elections by registered or certified mail within
five days after the affidavit is received by it.

2. If the board of elections cannot complete its investigation, or
cannot make a determination before the next election at which the
registrant could vote, it shall place his name on a challenge list as a
person to be challenged when voting.