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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Statement of temporary absence
§ 5-222. Statement of temporary absence. 1. A voter who has removed
from his residence but who is still eligible to vote from that address
for any of the reasons enumerated in this chapter shall, at the time of
his registration, or at the time of his removal, or upon request of the
board of elections, file with such board, in person or by mail, a
statement of temporary absence.

2. Such statement shall set forth where the voter actually resides,
where he claims to be legally domiciled, the nature of his occupation or
employment, the name and address of his employer, or the school he
attends, or the institution at which he is resident, the class to which
he claims to belong and such other information as the board shall deem

3. When such a statement is filed, the board of elections shall enter
the words "Statement of temporary absence filed" in the "remarks" space
on the face of such voter's registration poll record. The registration
serial number of the voter shall be placed on such statement and it
shall be preserved with the other records of the board of elections.

4. The state board of elections may prescribe a form of statement of
temporary absence.