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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Registration; voter registered in wrong district
§ 5-226. Registration; voter registered in wrong district. 1. If any
voter has been registered in a wrong election district, the board of
elections shall, if he is a qualified voter in any election district
within the jurisdiction of such board, change his registration to the
correct election district. The board of elections shall thereupon give
immediate notice by mail to such voter that his registration has been
corrected, and also the location of the polling place of the election
district in which he is a qualified voter.

2. If such voter does not reside in any election district within the
jurisdiction of the board, his registration shall be cancelled and he
shall be notified of the cancellation and the reason therefor.

3. The board shall maintain a list of all such corrections and
cancellations as a public record in its office and shall deliver a copy
of such list to the chairman of each political party seven days before
each election.