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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Registration; certificates of local registration
§ 5-228. Registration; certificates of local registration. 1. At the
close of local registration, each board of inspectors shall mail, or, if
the board of elections directs, shall deliver to the board of elections
a certificate, signed by the members of such board, stating the name,
present residence address of each registrant and such other information
as the board of elections shall require and a certificate stating the
name and address of each person whom the board refused to register for
any reason other than that he was already registered, and, in each
instance, the reason for such refusal. The names and addresses shall be
entered on such certificates during the day of registration as the
voters concerned are registered or refused registration.

2. At the end of each period of local registration, the board of
inspectors shall sign a certificate containing a tabulation of the
following information:

a. The total number of voters registered on each day of local

b. The total number of voters registered during such period of

c. Such other information as shall be deemed appropriate by the county
board of elections and the state board of elections.

Such certificate shall be mailed or delivered to the board of
elections as it may direct, by the board taking registrations. In any
city having therein an office of the board of elections, the board of
elections may direct that such certificate shall be delivered to the
police at the place of registration or the nearest police stationhouse.
In such event, the police shall forthwith deliver the certificate to the
board of elections at its nearest office.

3. The state board of elections shall prescribe the form of the
certificates required by this section.