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This entry was published on 2023-03-31
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Lists of registered voters; publication of
§ 5-602. Lists of registered voters; publication of. 1. After the last
day of local registration and before the fifth day before the next
ensuing general election in each year, the board of elections shall
cause to be published a complete list of names and residence addresses
of the registered voters for each election district over which the board
has jurisdiction. The names for each election district may be arranged
according to street and number or alphabetically. Each list shall be
prepared in such a manner as to indicate the registrants whose names did
not appear on the list of registered voters last published pursuant to
the provisions of this section and the registrants who are in inactive
status. The board of elections, in its discretion, may publish the names
of the registrants in inactive status as a separate list. In lieu of
publishing such a registration list, such board of elections may publish
a complete list of the names and residence addresses of all registered
voters whose names do not appear in the annual enrollment lists
published in such year by such board, in the same form as such
enrollment lists, and a list of the registered voters whose names appear
in such annual enrollment lists but who have been placed in inactive
status or whose registrations have been cancelled since the publication
of such annual enrollment lists. Lists for all election districts in a
ward or assembly district may be bound together in one volume.

2. The board of elections shall cause a list to be published for each
election district over which it has jurisdiction.

3. The board of elections shall prepare such number of copies of such
lists as it determines will be sufficient to meet the demand for such
lists and shall send at least one copy of each such list to the state
board of elections, and shall keep at least five copies for public
inspection at each main office or branch of the board. Other copies
shall be sold at a charge not exceeding the cost of publication.