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This entry was published on 2022-04-29
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Enrollment lists; publication of
§ 5-604. Enrollment lists; publication of. 1. The board of elections
shall also cause to be published for each election district a complete
list of the registered voters of each election district. Such list
shall, in addition to the information required for registration lists,
include the party enrollment of each voter. At least as many copies of
such list shall be prepared as the required minimum number of
registration lists.

Lists for all the election districts in a ward or assembly district
may be bound together in one volume. The board of elections shall also
cause to be published a complete list of names and residence addresses
of the registered voters, including the party enrollment of each voter,
for each town and city over which the board has jurisdiction. The names
for each town and city may be arranged according to street and number or
alphabetically. Such lists shall be published before the twenty-first
day of February. The board shall keep at least five copies for public
inspection at each main office or branch office of the board. Surplus
copies of the lists shall be sold at a charge not exceeding the cost of

2. Immediately after the publication of such lists the board shall
send at least one true copy, duly certified, of each such list to the
state board of elections.