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Party designation; statewide office
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 6
§ 6-104. Party designation; statewide office. 1. Party designation of
a candidate for nomination for any office to be filled by the voters of
the entire state shall be made by the state committee.

2. The state committee shall make a decision by majority vote. The
person receiving the majority vote shall be the party's designated
candidate for nomination, and all other persons who shall have received
twenty-five percent or more of the vote cast on any ballot shall have
the right to make written demand, duly acknowledged, to the state board
of elections that their names appear on the primary ballot as candidates
for such nomination. Such demand shall be made not later than seven days
after such meeting and may be withdrawn in the same manner within
fourteen days after such meeting.

3. In the absence of a party rule forming and designating the members
of a committee to fill any vacancy in designations which may occur after
the state committee has adjourned its meeting and before the primary
election, the state committee shall also enact a resolution forming such
a committee and selecting the members of same.

4. Upon the vote for such designation, each member of the state
committee shall be entitled to cast a number of votes which shall be in
accordance with the ratio which the number of votes cast for the party
candidate for governor on the line or column of the party at the last
preceding general state election in the unit of representation of such
member bears to the total vote cast on such line or column at such
election for such candidate in the entire state. The apportionment of
such votes as so prescribed shall be determined by the rules of the

5. Enrolled members of the party may make other designations by
petition for a member of the same party.

6. The meeting of the state committee for the purpose of designating
candidates shall be held not earlier than twenty-one days before the
first day to sign designating petitions and not later than the first day
to sign designating petitions for the primary election.

7. Within four days after such meeting, the state committee shall file
with the state board of elections.

(a) The names of persons who have received the designation of the
state committee and the offices for which designated, and the name of
each person who received twenty-five percent or more, of the vote on any
ballot and the offices for which they received such vote.

(b) The names of the persons selected as the committee to fill
vacancies or a certified copy of the party rule forming and empowering
such a committee to fill vacancies.

8. No person may be designated by a state committee for more than one
statewide office pursuant to the provisions of this section.