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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Designation and Nomination of Candidates
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17

Section 6-100. Nomination and designations; generally.

6-102. Party nominations; electors, presidential.

6-104. Party designation; statewide office.

6-106. Party nominations; justice of the supreme court.

6-108. Party nominations; towns.

6-110. Party nominations; public office.

6-114. Party nominations; special election.

6-116. Party nominations; election to fill a vacancy.

6-118. Designation and nomination by petition.

6-120. Designation and nomination; restrictions.

6-122. Designation or nomination; eligibility, restrictions.

6-124. Conventions; judicial.

6-126. Conventions; rules for holding.

6-128. New party; first nominations by.

6-130. Designating petition; signer information.

6-132. Designating petition; form.

6-134. Designating petition; rules.

6-136. Designating petitions; number of signatures.

6-138. Independent nominations; rules.

6-140. Independent nominations; form of petition.

6-142. Independent nominations; number of signatures.

6-144. Nominating and designating petitions and certificates;

place for filing.

6-146. Nomination and designation; declination or acceptance.

6-147. Multiple designations of a candidate for a party


6-148. Nomination and designation; filling vacancies.

6-150. Nomination; vacancy caused by death or

disqualification, unfilled at time of general or

special election.

6-152. Vacancies caused by death or disqualification and

unfilled at time of primary election.

6-153. Certificate of candidacy by write-in candidates for

president and vice president.

6-154. Nominations and designations; objections to.

6-156. Party nominations; certification.

6-158. Nominating and designating petitions and certificates,

conventions; times for filing and holding.

6-160. Primaries.

6-162. Primary; New York City, run-off.

6-164. Primary, uncontested; opportunity to ballot.

6-166. Primary; opportunity to ballot, form of petition.

6-168. Designating petitions; candidates for the office of

judge of the civil court of the city of New York.