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Party nominations; towns
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 6
§ 6-108. Party nominations; towns. 1. In any town in a county having a
population of over seven hundred fifty thousand inhabitants, as shown by
the latest federal decennial or special population census, party
nominations of candidates for town offices shall be made at the primary
preceding the election. In any other town, nominations of candidates for
town offices shall be made by caucus or primary election as the rules of
the county committee shall provide, except that the members of the
county committee from a town may adopt by a two-thirds vote, a rule
providing that the party candidates for town offices shall be nominated
at the primary election. If a rule adopted by the county committee of a
political party or by the members of the county committee from a town,
provides that party candidates for town offices, shall be nominated at a
primary election, such rule shall not apply to nor affect a primary held
less than four months after a certified copy of the rule shall have been
filed with the board of elections. After the filing of such a rule, the
rule shall continue in force until a certified copy of a rule revoking
the same shall have been filed with such board at least four months
before a subsequent primary. Such a caucus shall be held no earlier than
the first day on which designating petitions for the primary election
may be signed.

2. In the event that there is no town committee with a chairman, the
chairman of the county committee or such other person or body as the
rules of such committee may provide, shall designate an enrolled member
of the party who is a qualified voter of such town as the town caucus
chairman to convene such caucus and give notice thereof.

3. A notice of any party caucus held for making party nominations of
candidates for town offices shall be given by proper party authorities
by posting such notice in the public areas at the offices of the town
clerk and the board of elections and filing a copy of such notice with
such clerk and such board at least ten days preceding the day of the
caucus and, either by newspaper publication thereof once within the town
at least one week and not more than two weeks preceding the caucus, or
by posting in ten public places in the town at least ten days preceding
the day of the caucus. The notice shall specify the time and place or
places, and the purpose of the caucus. There shall be a chairman and
secretary, and there may be tellers, for each such caucus, and they
shall take the constitutional oath of office before acting. No person
shall participate in such a caucus for the nomination of candidates for
town offices, unless he shall appear as an enrolled party voter on the
transcript of enrollments from the registration poll ledger. Town
caucuses described in this section shall be held at the expense of the
party. Subject to the foregoing provisions, the county committee of the
county containing a town may prescribe rules governing the conduct of
party caucuses described in this section.