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Conventions; judicial
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 6
§ 6-124. Conventions; judicial. A judicial district convention shall
be constituted by the election at the preceding primary of delegates and
alternate delegates, if any, from each assembly district or, if an
assembly district shall contain all or part of two or more counties and
if the rules of the party shall so provide, separately from the part of
such assembly district contained within each such county. The number of
delegates and alternates, if any, shall be determined by party rules,
but the number of delegates shall be substantially in accordance with
the ratio, which the number of votes cast for the party candidate for
the office of governor, on the line or column of the party at the last
preceding election for such office, in any unit of representation, bears
to the total vote cast at such election for such candidate on such line
or column in the entire state. The number of alternates from any
district shall not exceed the number of delegates therefrom. The
delegates certified to have been elected as such, in the manner provided
in this chapter, shall be conclusively entitled to their seats, rights
and votes as delegates to such convention. When a duly elected delegate
does not attend the convention, his place shall be taken by one of the
alternates, if any, to be substituted in his place, in the order of the
vote received by each such alternate as such vote appears upon the
certified list and if an equal number of votes were cast for two or more
such alternates; the order in which such alternates shall be substituted
shall be determined by lot forthwith upon the convening of the
convention. If there shall have been no contested election for
alternate, substitution shall be in the order in which the name of such
alternate appears upon the certified list, and if no alternates shall
have been elected or if no alternates appear at such convention, then
the delegates present from the same district shall elect a person to
fill the vacancy.