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Conventions; rules for holding
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 6
§ 6-126. Conventions; rules for holding. 1. The time and place of
meeting of a convention shall be fixed, within the times prescribed
herein, by a committee appointed pursuant to the rules of the state
committee. The room designated for the meeting place of a convention
shall have ample seating capacity for all delegates and alternates.
Every convention shall be called to order by the chairman of the
committee from which the call originates or by a person designated in
writing for that purpose by such chairman, or, if he fails to make such
designation, then, by a person designated in such manner as the rules of
the party shall prescribe. Such chairman or person designated shall have
the custody of the roll of the convention until it shall have been
organized. No such convention shall proceed to the election of a
temporary chairman or transact any business until the time fixed for the
opening thereof nor until a majority of the delegates or respective
alternates named in the official roll shall be present. The roll call
upon the election of a temporary chairman shall not be delayed more than
one hour after the time specified in the call for the opening of the
convention, provided a majority of delegates, including alternates
sufficient to make up such majority by substitution, are present. The
person who calls the convention to order shall exercise no other
function than that of calling the official roll of the delegates upon
the vote for temporary chairman and declaring the result thereof.

2. The temporary chairman shall be chosen upon a call of the official
roll. The committees of the convention shall be appointed by the
convention, or by the temporary chairman, as the convention may order.
Where only one candidate is placed in nomination for any office, the
vote may be taken viva voce. When more than one candidate is placed in
nomination for an office the roll of the delegates shall be called and
each delegate when his name is called shall arise in his place and
announce his choice, except that the chairman of a delegation from any
unit of representation provided for by party rules, unless a member of
such delegation objects, may announce the vote of such delegation. The
convention may appoint a committee to nominate candidates to fill
vacancies in nominations made by the convention and caused by the death,
declination or disqualification of a candidate. The permanent officer
shall keep the records of the convention.