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This entry was published on 2019-12-20
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Primary, uncontested; opportunity to ballot
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 6
§ 6-164. Primary, uncontested; opportunity to ballot. Enrolled members
of a party entitled to vote in the nomination of a candidate for public
office or the election of a candidate for party position in a primary
election of such party, and equal in number to at least the number of
signers required to designate a candidate for such office or position
may file with the officer or board with whom or which are filed
designating petitions for such office or position a petition requesting
an opportunity to write in the name of a candidate or candidates, who
need not be specified, for such office or position. Upon the receipt of
such a petition, such office or position shall be deemed contested and
the primary ballots of the party shall afford an opportunity to vote
thereon. Requests for an opportunity to write in the names of candidates
for two or more offices or positions may be included in the same
petition. Such petitions shall be subject to objections and court
determination thereof in the same manner as designating petitions so far
as the provisions therefor are applicable. All required notices shall be
served on the members of the committee named in the petition, and such
committee shall have capacity to bring a proceeding under this chapter
as if such committee was a candidate named on a petition. A signature to
a petition for an opportunity to ballot in primary elections made
earlier than sixteen days before the last day to file designating
petitions for the primary election shall not be counted.