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This entry was published on 2021-10-15
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Primary; opportunity to ballot, form of petition
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 6
§ 6-166. Primary; opportunity to ballot, form of petition. 1. The form
of a petition requesting an opportunity to write in the name of an
undesignated candidate or undesignated candidates at a primary election
shall conform to the requirements for a designating petition, except as
otherwise provided herein.

2. Each sheet of such petition shall be signed in ink and shall be
substantially in the following form:

I, the undersigned, do hereby state that I am a duly enrolled voter of
the .......... party and entitled to vote at the next primary election
of such party, that my place of residence is truly stated opposite my
signature hereto, and I do hereby request an opportunity to write in the
name of an undesignated candidate or candidates enrolled in such party
for nomination to the public office or offices or for election to the
party position or positions, in the political unit or units of
representation hereinafter set forth, of such party to be voted on the
......day of............. 20...., as hereinafter specified.
Public Office or party Political unit or unit of
position ............. representation.................
The appointment of a committee to receive notices, the signatures on the
petition with all required information and the signed statement of a
witness or authentication by a notary public or commissioner of deeds,
shall be in the form prescribed for a designating petition.

3. Individuals appointed to serve on the committee to receive notices,
shall, in a certificate signed and acknowledged by him or her, and filed
as provided in this article, accept the appointment of the committee,
otherwise such appointment shall be null and void. All certificates of
acceptance shall be filed not later than the fourth day after the last
day to file petitions for the opportunity to ballot.