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Nominations and designations; objections to
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 6
§ 6-154. Nominations and designations; objections to. 1. Any petition
filed with the officer or board charged with the duty of receiving it
shall be presumptively valid if it is in proper form and appears to bear
the requisite number of signatures, authenticated in a manner prescribed
by this chapter.

2. Written objections to any certificate of designation or nomination
or to a nominating or designating petition or a petition for opportunity
to ballot for public office or to a certificate of acceptance, a
certificate of authorization, a certificate of declination or a
certificate of substitution relating thereto may be filed by any voter
registered to vote for such public office and to a designating petition
or a petition for opportunity to ballot for party position or a
certificate of substitution, a certificate of acceptance or a
certificate of declination relating thereto by any voter enrolled to
vote for such party position. Such objections shall be filed with the
officer or board with whom the original petition or certificate is filed
within three days after the filing of the petition or certificate to
which objection is made, or within three days after the last day to file
such a certificate, if no such certificate is filed except that if any
person nominated by an independent nominating petition, is nominated as
a party candidate for the same office by a party certificate filed, or a
party nomination made after the filing of such petition, the written
objection to such petition may be filed within three days after the
filing of such party certificate or the making of such party nomination.
When such an objection is filed, specifications of the grounds of the
objections shall be filed within six days thereafter with the same
officer or board and if specifications are not timely filed, the
objection shall be null and void. Each such officer or board is hereby
empowered to make rules in reference to the filing and disposition of
such petition, certificate, objections and specifications.

3. When a determination is made that a certificate or petition is
insufficient, such officer or board shall give notice of the
determination forthwith by mail to each candidate named in the petition
or certificate, and, if the determination is made upon specified
objections, the objector shall be notified.