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Nomination and designation; filling vacancies
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 6
§ 6-148. Nomination and designation; filling vacancies. 1. A vacancy
in a designation or nomination caused by declination, where a
declination is permitted by this article, or by the death or
disqualification of the candidate, or by a tie vote at a primary, may be
filled by the making and filing of a certificate, setting forth the fact
and cause of the vacancy, the title of the office, the name of the
original candidate, if any, and the name and address of the candidate
newly designated or nominated.

2. A vacancy in a designation or independent nomination, or in a party
nomination made otherwise than at a primary, may be filled by a majority
of the committee to fill vacancies shown upon the face of the petition
or certificate of the designation or nomination in which the vacancy

3. A vacancy in a nomination made at a primary, or by a tie vote
thereat, may be filled by a majority of the members, of the party
committee or committees last elected in the political subdivision in
which the vacancy occurs, present at a meeting at which there is a
quorum, or by a majority of such other committee as the rules of the
party may provide.

4. If the vacancy be filled by a committee named in a petition or
certificate of nomination, the new certificate shall be signed by a
majority of such committee; if filled by any other committee, it shall
be signed by the presiding officer and secretary of the committee.
Appended to the certificate shall be the affidavit of the persons
signing the certificate that they were a majority of such committee, or
such officers, as the case may be, and that the statements in such
certificate are true.

5. The certificate designating a person to fill a vacancy in a
designation or nomination shall have appended thereto his written
consent to be so designated or nominated, duly acknowledged.

6. When a certificate of a new designation or nomination shall be
filed with the state board of elections after such board has given
official notice, pursuant to the provisions of this chapter, to the
several boards of elections, of the names to appear on the ballot at the
election to which such new designation or nomination applies, such board
shall forthwith certify to the proper board of elections the name of the
person designated or nominated by such certificate and such other facts
as are required to be stated therein.