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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Designations and nominations, objections
§ 6-212. Designations and nominations, objections. Written objections
to a nominating or designating petition or to a certificate of
nomination, certificate of acceptance, certificate of authorization,
certificate of declination or certificate of substitution with respect
to an office to be filled at a general or special village election may
be filed not later than the day after the last day to file such petition
or certificate, or the day after such petition or certificate is
received by the board of elections if such petition or certificate is
mailed within the time permitted by law, whichever is later. Written
specifications of the grounds for such objections shall be so filed
within two days thereafter. A failure to file such written
specifications shall render the original objection null and void. Upon
receipt of written specifications, the county board of elections shall
immediately notify each candidate named in such petition or certificate
and take all steps necessary and consistent with this chapter to render
a determination on the questions raised in such objections and
specifications. When a determination has been made by the county board
of elections that the petition is sufficient or insufficient, it shall
immediately notify each candidate named in the petition or certificate,
and, if such determination was made on objection, the objector.