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This entry was published on 2022-07-01
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Absentee voting; method of
§ 8-410. Absentee voting; method of. The absentee voter shall mark an
absentee ballot as provided for paper ballots or ballots prepared for
counting by ballot counting machines. He or she shall make no mark or
writing whatsoever upon the ballot, except as above prescribed, and
shall see that it bears no such mark or writing. He or she shall make no
mark or writing whatsoever on the outside of the ballot. In cases where
the express intent of the voter is unambiguous, any stray marks or
writing shall not be a basis for voiding a ballot. After marking the
ballot or ballots he or she shall fold each such ballot and enclose them
in the envelope and seal the envelope. He or she shall then take and
subscribe the oath on the envelope, with blanks properly filled in. The
envelope, containing the ballot or ballots, shall then be mailed or
delivered to the board of elections of the county or city of his or her