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This entry was published on 2022-08-05
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Absentee ballots; deadline for receipt, and delivery to polling place
§ 8-412. Absentee ballots; deadline for receipt, and delivery to
polling place. 1. The board of elections shall cause all absentee
ballots received by it before the close of the polls on election day and
all ballots contained in envelopes showing a cancellation mark of the
United States postal service or a foreign country's postal service, or
showing a dated endorsement of receipt by another agency of the United
States government, with a date which is ascertained to be not later than
the day of the election and received by such board of elections not
later than seven days following the day of election to be cast and
counted except that the absentee ballot of a voter who requested such
ballot by letter, rather than application, shall not be counted unless a
valid application form, signed by such voter, is received by the board
of elections with such ballot. For purposes of this section, any
absentee ballot received by the board of elections by mail that does not
bear or display a dated postmark shall be presumed to have been timely
mailed or delivered if such ballot bears a time stamp of the receiving
board of elections indicating receipt by such board on the day after the

2. Absentee ballots received by the board of elections shall be
retained at the board of elections and cast and canvassed pursuant to
the provisions of section 9-209 of this chapter.