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This entry was published on 2022-04-08
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Online absentee ballot tracking system
§ 8-414. Online absentee ballot tracking system. 1. The state board of
elections shall establish and maintain an electronic absentee ballot
tracking system. In accordance with technical specifications provided by
the state board of elections, each local board of elections shall
maintain an absentee ballot tracking system integrated with the state
board's system, and which may be integrated with the United States
postal service tracking system, to allow a voter who has submitted an
application for an absentee ballot to track the status of an absentee
application and an absentee ballot on the state board or local board

2. Such website shall not require users to create an account but shall
require verification that the user is accessing his or her own record
through the inclusion of data identifying the voter and the board of
elections at which the voter is registered, and any other information
required by the state board of elections.

3. The ballot tracking system shall indicate to the voter if the

(a) received such voter's application for an absentee ballot;

(b) approved or rejected such application and, if rejected, an
indication of the reason for such rejection;

(c) mailed or delivered an absentee ballot to such voter, the date of
such mailing or delivery, and the expected date of receipt;

(d) received the ballot back as undeliverable;

(e) received such voter's completed absentee ballot;

(f) determined the ballot envelope was subject to a cure; and

(g) counted or rejected such voter's completed absentee ballot and, if
rejected, a brief statement of the reason for rejection.