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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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County boards of canvassers
§ 9-204. County boards of canvassers. The board of elections of each
county or city shall be the county board of canvassers of such county,
or each county within such city. Such board also shall be the city board
of canvassers of any city or cities within the county for a city
election. Such board shall also be the board of canvassers of the towns
of the county. Such board shall also be the board of canvassers of
villages in which village elections are conducted by the board of
elections. The secretary of the board of elections, or, if he is
absent, or unable to act, a member or chief clerk designated by the
board shall be the secretary of the canvassing board. Each canvassing
board shall meet at the place where it usually meets in other capacities
on the day following the election, but its duties may be performed in
any or all of the offices of the board of elections.