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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Canvass of election district returns of general and special elections
§ 9-206. Canvass of election district returns of general and special
elections. The canvassing board shall canvass the votes cast within the
county for state, county, city and town offices; also the vote cast on
any ballot proposal. The canvass by the county board of canvassers
relating to the offices of president and vice president of the United
States, governor, lieutenant-governor, state comptroller,
attorney-general, United States senator, member of the house of
representatives, member of the state senate, member of the assembly and
any ballot proposal shall show in each election district the total
number of persons voting at such election, the number of votes cast for
each candidate, the number of unrecorded or blank votes for each of the
above-mentioned offices and each ballot proposal. Write-in votes cast
for president or vice president for persons who were not certified by
the state board of elections as write-in candidates for such offices
shall not be canvassed for such candidates but such votes shall be
canvassed as void votes. If, during the canvass, there shall clearly
appear to be any omission or clerical mistake in the return for any
district filed with the board of elections, the canvassing board may
summon the election officers before the board, and such officers shall
meet forthwith and make any necessary correction, in order that their
canvass may be correctly stated, but they shall not alter any decision
theretofore made by them.