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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Special Federal Voters
Election (ELN) CHAPTER 17, ARTICLE 11

Section 11-200. Special federal voters; qualifications.

11-202. Registration and enrollment of special federal voters

and application for special federal ballot.

11-203. Special federal voters; designation of means of

transmission by special federal voters.

11-204. Processing of applications by board of elections.

11-206. Special federal voters; preparation of registration poll

records and central file registration records.

11-208. Special federal voters; cancellation of registration.

11-210. Special federal voters; distribution of applications for


11-212. Special federal ballots; deadline for receipt.

11-214. Use of airmail.

11-216. Forwarding of applications and ballots.

11-218. Application of other provisions.

11-219. Special federal voters; prohibiting refusal to accept

voter registration and special federal ballot

applications, marked special federal ballots, and

federal write-in absentee ballots for failure to meet

certain requirements.

11-220. Federal voting; applicability of general provisions.